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Affirmative Action

Our Affirmative Action services utilize experienced experts and the latest technology to provide comprehensive and timely services.

What we will do:

  • Conduct an Affirmative Action self-audit.
  • Work with you to determine the appropriate “plan year” that is operationally feasible and compliant.
  • Assist in defining your Organizational Profile.
  • Discuss and define your availability analysis in the context of reasonable recruitment areas, feeder job groups and value weights.
  • Write your AAP incorporating remote employees into the locations where they should be situated, so that all employees and all locations are accounted for.
  • Analyze prior year data (where applicable) to enable completion of the first-year year and subsequent year plans.

Additional components include:

  • Organizational profile
  • A job group analysis and the placement of incumbents in job groups
  • A comparison of incumbency to availability in an acceptable format
  • Placement goals, if applicable, and a description of the methodology for goal setting
  • A description of the in-depth analysis of the employment processes that were conducted to determine whether impediments to EEO opportunity exist and an identification of problem areas
  • A description of the action-oriented programs that will be implemented to correct any problem areas identified and to establish goals and objectives
  • A description of the internal audit and reporting systems that are used to measure the effectiveness of the AAP
  • Incorporation of your EEO Policy
  • Affirmative Action Policy Statement
  • Purchase Order language
  • Notice to Recruitment Sources
  • EEO Policy Statement for inclusion in contracts
  • Recommendations on current practices to enable you to comply with the requirements in an administratively feasible manner on an ongoing basis