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Compliance Training & Employee Development

Compliance Training & Employee Development
Professional training and education courses bring value to your business and enable you to minimize the risks associated with potential ligation. We offer training in the areas of Compliance, Management Development, Employee Development, Customer Relations, and Leadership Development.

Compliance Training
For today’s businesses, compliance training has evolved, becoming a crucial proactive strategy. Appropriate compliance training is necessary to mitigate legal risks and the financial consequences that may result from legal actions. This includes for example, harassment/discrimination training, workplace violence prevention training, and ethics training.

Management Development

Investing in your company’s leadership is critical to the current and future profitability of your business. Lack of proper development among leaders can result in a stale workforce with high attrition or the loss of effective performers within the organization. By partnering with EP Advisors to address these issues, your company can increase productivity and profitability and also reduce employee turnover.

Employee Development
Empowering your employees through professional development can add significant value to your company. Through EP Advisors, you can provide educational and organizational development skills to your employees, which your company can leverage to meet your institutional mission and goals.

Customer Relations
Strong customer relations skills are crucial to maintaining and growing your business. The burden of acquiring a new customer is five times more costly to your company than keeping an equivalent existing customer. EP Advisors’ customer relations training helps your employees master an appreciation of the value of a customer.

Leadership Development
Designed to assist leaders in deepening their understanding of their individual leadership style, EP Advisors’ courses bring value to your company by facilitating the development of sound leadership principals and practices.