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Harassment Discrimination Avoidance Training

Harassment discrimination training is the key to avoiding expensive litigation.

What we do:

EP Advisors provides a thorough education on illegal discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), pregnancy, age, disability, and state/local-protected categories. Our training includes a look at some lesser-known categories of discrimination, including Family and Medical Leave, and Workers’ Compensation, as well as behavior, although not illegal, is inadvisable in the workplace.

For supervisors, managers, human resources professionals, and executives – we provide a complete look at why sexual harassment is a problem for organizations, what sexual harassment is and what it is not, organization policy, legal liabilities and defenses, management concerns, preventing harassment, addressing harassment complaints, and management responsibilities in harassment investigations and corrective action. Special emphasis is placed on confidentiality, non-retaliation, and avoiding tort liability. 

For employees – we cover what is and is not appropriate behavior, organizational policy, how not to be a harasser, how not to be a victim, and what to do if harassing behavior occurs. Except when clients opt for a condensed presentation, all group and individual classes are delivered in a workshop format driven by participant interaction. Except as otherwise noted, all classes can be presented in two hour, three hour, four hour, and six hour versions.  In addition, we can provide this training in an online format to support organization with employees in remote or satellite locations.