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Human Resources Consulting

Employment Practices Advisors assists small and mid-sized organizations in the management of their human resources function. These organizations are of a critical size – they are subject to the most complex of all employment laws, yet are not large enough to be able to retain a full time senior-level human resources professional or employment counsel.

Examples of typical consulting services include:

  • Offsite support via telephone and email for consulting management on matters such as employee development and performance, progressive discipline, compensation decisions, promotions, terminations of employment and other employee-related actions
  • Onsite consulting which will be provided based upon the needs of client
  • Assistance in the processing of Human Resources transactions as required by the client
  • Mentoring internal administrative staff assigned with Human Resources duties
  • Providing employees with contact information and consulting regarding employee questions with regard to benefits and their personal employment situations
  • Assisting in the management of all Human Resources related vendor relationships on behalf of the client
  • Provide specific consulting to senior management to assist in strategic business issues, highly sensitive employee relations situations, or matters that the senior team deems highly confidential
  • Review and provide recommendations on unemployment, disability and workers’ compensation claims

We evaluate:

  • Compliance, policies and procedures, documents and contracts
  • All HR functional areas including: benefits, compensation, training, staffing, and labor/union relations
  • Performance metrics of the HR function
  • Linking the HR function with business and competitive strategy
  • HR staff capabilities
  • Employee Relations
  • Union Relations