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Plant Closings, Layoffs and Downsizing

Employers conduct workforce reductions for a variety of economic and strategic reasons.  Employment Practices Advisors has the experience and in-house resources to provide effective guidance on issues arising before, during, and after a reduction in force or reorganization. Our goal is to minimize the potential for disruption and claims, and to ensure a positive employee relations environment for remaining and future employees.

Changes in an organization’s business model often result in the closing of a facility and consolidation of operating units. We are available to assist from start to finish in order to promote the smoothest transition possible.

Generally under Federal law, employers may not implement a plant closing or mass layoff until 60 days after providing written notice to each employee of the closing or layoff.  In addition, an emerging trend is that more and more states have enacted even more restrictive legislation in this area.

Our professionals assist both union and nonunion employers in reduction in force and reorganization planning and execution, including: 

  • Preparation of severance and release agreements
  • Compliance with Federal and State WARN Act requirements
  • Negotiations with unions
  • Impact analysis for protected groups
  • Employee communications programs and support
  • Training and education of management, staff and human resources professionals