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Regulatory Compliance

Our approach is to understand your strategic business objectives and determine how regulatory requirements in the human resources area might have an impact on them. Whether addressing one compliance area or taking an enterprise wide view, we ensure the risk of noncompliance is addressed, and look to improve the effectiveness and help you lower the cost of human resources compliance activities.

We address compliance in all human resources areas including:

  • Employee selection
  • Compensation, wage and hour
  • Benefits administration
  • Policies, procedures and employee handbooks
  • Documentation of the employment relationship
  • Leave policies
  • Technology and other electronic communications
  • Workplace violence
  • Posting and recordkeeping
  • Compliance with applicable Executive Orders
  • Performance Management
  • Discipline, employee counseling and termination,
    including reductions in force/layoffs
  • Employee separation agreements
  • Wage and hour and overtime exemption compliance
  • Investigation and resolution of employee claims